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POTS Replacement – What You Need To Know

As time marches on, so does the advancement of our technologies. This article is all about telephony, where it came from, and where it is going. If you are a business owner that is running on traditional phone lines, this blog is meant for you.  Read on to learn about where telephony started, why it is changing, and what you can do to keep up with these changes. 

A Quick History of POTS Lines 

When you think of telephone service in its infancy, what do you think of? Hopefully, you think of copper wires connecting a large network of phones throughout the country. Now flash forward in time. What do you think of now? Is it the same thing? It should be because the plain old telephone service (known as POTs) is operated through the copper wires that telephone service was introduced on.  

That means, for over 145 years, patrons have utilized coaxial copper wires to transmit data from one location to another. We think that’s amazing! Can you imagine the beginning of POTs, running lines for the first time, and gaining the ability to speak with someone across town, across the state, across the country, or across the sea for the first time?!  

As exciting as the introduction of telephones is and was, all things evolve with time. As we move into an era where faster is better, and more and more data needs to be transmitted at higher rates, it’s time to start looking at the improvement of old technologies. We will discuss this further in the VoIP and UCaaS sections below.  

Outdated Technology 

Think about your home. Do you have any older appliances, an older HVAC system, or an older furnace? Have any of those items needed maintenance recently? One issue you may have come across is that these older models, and the pieces needed to fix them, have become obsolete.  

Along these lines, the POTS network is starting to show its age. The once abundant workforce specializing in wired telephony is aging out of the workforce as well. That means you are paying a premium for parts, service, and support for your business telephone service as your provider invests less and less in keeping up with a declining system.  

Increasing Costs and Deregulation 

As we discuss and reflect upon the fact that it is getting harder to find the correct technicians and equipment to repair the aging network, we also need to factor in the general rising cost of POTS. The FCC has begun the deregulation process pertaining to POTS lines.  

That means that very soon, telephone service providers that are still using POTS will be able to charge you more. And, with the costs on the rise and general inflation, a rising telephone bill might not be what you want for your bottom line.  

POTS Replacement 

So, if POTS lines are on their way out, does that mean that we are out of luck when it comes to telephony? Well, the good news is where old technologies exist, new technology arises to take its place. In this case, the internet is our saving grace.  

Cloud/Hosted Solutions 

Two cloud/hosted solutions include VoIP and UCaaS. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is our most basic solution to a waning phone system. Bringing customers telephony, and many other features, VoIP is not only a great alternative to POTS but also a great asset to a business. Before, telephony had very limited uses. Connecting people via voice was pretty much its limit.  

However, with VoIP, you can now access your business phone system from different locations than just the office, easily transfer and handle calls, and enjoy many more features that are just not possible with POTS as they are. 

Another great alternative to POTS is something called UCaaS. UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. The key terms here are unified and communications. That’s because UCaaS truly does unify your communication avenues to one easy-to-use platform.  

Breaking it down further, UCaaS allows its users to access their voice, video, email, messaging, collaborative software, CRMs, and so much more all within one pane of glass. And, because UCaaS is an internet-based solution, it can be accessed from anywhere with a steady internet connection. This supports in-office, hybrid, and remote workers all at the same time.  

One Talk 

Verizon has introduced its own unified communications solution with One Talk. This communications solution provides you and your business with the voice, video, and messaging solutions you need to keep your business going when you are on the go.  

One Talk offers full flexibility with the option of setting up call rules to ensure that the right devices in the right departments are ringing. Not only that, but One Talk also offers integrations that allow your office to become efficient and effective. Along with call rules and integrations, your business can take advantage of 50 more features offered through One Talk. 

Better yet, One Talk comes with a fiber upgrade. That means as POTS are phased out, you will already be ahead of the game and fully running on fiber cables. Remember, these fiber cables can increase the speed at which you upload and download data, as well as improve your capacity for IoT devices.  

Necessary Lines 

Reading this, you may be concerned about your specialty lines that are run on POTS lines. These key business POTS lines such as Elevators, Fire and Security alarms, Modem, and Fax machines all are very heavily planted in legacy landlines. This can be a major concern for businesses with no idea of how to support an evolving technology. 

However, Masters Telecom is here to help those businesses (and possibly you). With a hook line of “ONE DEVICE TO REPLACE ALL YOUR LANDLINES,” you can rest assured that those legacy lines will be ushered into the future with confidence when working with a company that cares. We will ensure that all your critical, and sometimes life-saving technology is supported with the proper wiring. 

Empower Your Business with Masters Telecom 

With today’s flexible work environments, more businesses are opting for VoIP and UCaaS as their communications solutions. Businesses that have migrated to the cloud already are eliminating the need for costly on-site hardware and empowering their organization with a feature-rich solution that they can take with them anywhere in the world. 

With over seven decades of industry experience, we’ve learned that delivering excellent customer support and outstanding service is the highest priority. That’s why we think outside the box to create tailored solutions that work for your business and budget. 

If you’re ready to make the jump to the cloud, contact the experts at Masters Telecom – Call (561) 531-0462 to get started!

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