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Overhead Paging

Secure. Connected. Dependable.

Comprehensive Solutions

Discover top-notch overhead paging systems that deliver the performance, reliability, and durability your business demands. At Masters Telecom, we’re the experts you can rely on. 

With seamless integration and easy deployment, our dependable solutions ensure an excellent user experience. Trust us to keep your business securely connected with top-notch communication solutions that exceed expectations.

Voice Paging

Amplify your messages across your entire facility with crystal-clear voice paging. Whether it's for announcements, emergency notifications, or general communication, our paging systems ensure your messages are heard loud and clear.

Door Access

Enhance security and streamline access control with our door intercom systems. Allow seamless communication between visitors and staff, granting controlled entry and ensuring a safe environment.


Foster efficient communication within your organization using our intercom systems. Connect different departments, floors, or buildings seamlessly, enabling effortless collaboration and saving valuable time.


Stay informed and react swiftly with our alerting solutions. Receive real-time notifications for critical events such as security breaches, system malfunctions, or emergency situations. Our alerting systems keep you one step ahead when it matters most.

Paging & Alerting Devices

Paging and Alerting hardware

Algo 8028 SIP Doorphone

Algo 8180 Sip Audio Alerter

Fanvil I12 Sip Intercom

Algo 8186 SIP Horn Speaker