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Because threats are real, let us help protect your assets and customer info.

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Asset tracking

Keep Your Business Assets Safe as They Travel

Whether it’s laptops or shipping containers, Masters Telecom has you covered! We can help you monitor your shippable assets – and guarantee their safe arrival – for as little as $2.99 per asset per month!

Benefits of Our
Asset Tracking System

Reduced Asset Loss

Lessen, and even annihilate, instances of theft and make insurance claims easier.

Improved Operating Procedures

Simplify and streamline your shipping and handling processes.

Data-driven Insights

Obtain important information on business & employee performance by analyzing the data collected.

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Panic Button system

Keep Your Employees & Residents Safe on Your Property

From college campuses to hospitals, many industries can benefit from – or are required to install – a panic button system. And Masters Telecom can help! Our system provides effortless deployment and unmatched safety and accuracy. 

Ensure staff & guest safety

Compliance with legal mandates

Quick & easy to install

A cost-effective IT investment

Benefits of Our
Panic Button System

No IT or Electric Rewiring Required

Our team of professionals install the system and provide onsite training for your staff and residents.

Increase Employee Retention

Give your employees peace of mind knowing that help is only a button press away. 

Room Specific Accuracy

Enjoy customizable floor plans, giving you the ability to locate staff inside or outside your building (depending on what kind of plan you upload).


Designed for the Unexpected to Protect What Matters

Looking to maintain a safe work environment for your employees? Trying to protect temperature or water-sensitive environments? Masters Telecom has your back! We can help you install a robust monitoring system to protect your inventory and keep you compliant with current regulations. 

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Benefits of Our Remote Environmental Monitoring Systems

Improved compliance

Our system makes it easier to maintain compliance with environmental regulations, reducing potential fines and penalties.

Reduce Operational Costs

Being able to remotely monitor your locations can reduce costs by automating many processes and eliminating the need for physical visits to sites.

Monitor Conditions Remotely

Being able to remotely monitor your locations can reduce costs by automating many processes and eliminating the need for physical visits to sites.

Easily Manage Your Own Settings

Set sensor reading thresholds and configure alert settings based on your own unique needs

Instant Installation & Alerts

Wireless sensors can be installed in minutes and automated readings are captured instantly, allowing you to quickly document the necessary course of action required.

Our platforms
allows companies to

Monitor temperature & Humidity

Detect water leakage & flooding

Constantly monitor physical security

Detect power failures in an instant

A Customer-Focused, Actionable Security Solution

IT Workers

Our commitment

We are committed to delivering superior monitoring solutions that cover all your needs. Should any sensor stop working, we will replace it for free.

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Actionable alerts

Receive timely alerts via SMS text messaging and emails. Set sensor reading thresholds and configure alert settings.

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Simple to use

Wireless sensors are installed in minutes. Automated readings are captured instantly. Quickly document the necessary course of action required to address alerts associated with incidents and workflows.

Your Go-To Provider for Corporate Security Solutions

No matter what solution you need, our team at Masters Telecom is equipped to help. We will handle the installation, provide comprehensive training materials to your staff, and support you throughout our partnership.