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Together, Masters Telecom and Verizon can create comprehensive solutions for our mutual customers. We join our individual strengths to become a powerful combination in the industry, bringing together the devices, connectivity and professional services that customers require.


SecureFax replaces analog “POTS” lines and connects directly to any fax machine or multifunction printer. Send or receive from fax machines, email, and web portal. 


A TollFree number offers a simplified way for customers to reach your business without incurring any personal costs.  

Contact Center

A call center solution service is a package of tools and technologies designed to help businesses manage their incoming and outgoing customer communications efficiently. 

These services are typically used by companies that handle a large volume of customer inquiries, orders, or support requests over the phone. 

Verizon One Talk Support

 One Talk Support offers monthly subscription options available in 15 user, 75 user, and 200 user packages.  

Includes training, updates to portal configurations, and updating schedules and auto attendants for qualified customers.  

Professional Onsite Installation

Professional installation service of Verizon One Talk phone systems, wireless routers, antennas and more.  Our technicians will be physically onsite to ensure proper deployment of new equipment.

SIP Account

SIP account is a method used to make data and voice transfers via the internet. SIP is crucial for various applications like VoIP, video conferencing, and messaging, enabling seamless communication between users or devices. 

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