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Trust is a crucial thing. That’s why we strive to earn it in every deal we close. Our service has elevated plenty of businesses with constant communication and unmatched support. Hear from them about the benefits of partnering up with Masters Telecom!


Your go-to provider for communication solutions

No matter what solution you need, our team at Masters Telecom is equipped to help. We will handle the installation, provide comprehensive training materials to your staff, and support you throughout our partnership.  

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“Since I began partnering with Masters Telecom, my One Talk sales have made a complete turnaround and my close rate has increased.”

My partnership with Matt and Masters Telecom has been the differentiator in my success. Masters Telecom provides knowledge, tools, and continued support during and after the sale, which is very important to our customer base.  Whenever I get an opportunity for One Talk, I immediately reach out to my partner to discuss the business before our appointment. While on appointments, Matt always has an agenda prepared and takes his time thoroughly reviewing One Talk to ensure that it is a good fit for the customers’ business. Without question, Masters telecom has become my most valued partner for business solutions and services with Verizon Wireless.

Shakiyl Jones,
Business Account Manager – SMB

“They are the Tribal Government’s first choice in telecommunication services.”

I want to pass along my thanks to everyone at Masters Telecom and Verizon. In my 33-year career in Information Technology, I have been part of at least five major telephone system migrations. I highly recommend Masters Telecom and Verizon.

George D. LeVasseur,
Information Technology Director
Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

RGS Raygen Services

“The entire process from demo, to quoting, to installation and going live was a breeze.”

Our Verizon rep along with the Masters team made everything seamless and addressed every need timely and professionally!  And, we absolutely love the new phone system and the functionality it has brought to our company.  Would definitely recommend this system and this team of experts!

Dina Manuel,
Raygen Services

“I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone over at Masters Telecom.”

Their customer service is like no other. Will certainly use them again in the future.

2nd Chance Auto Sales

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“Masters has been crucial to the success of the Verizon Wireless team OneTalk sales and deployment.”

The support that masters has supplied our teams has been the differentiator to enable our sales teams to keep focused on closing deals.  When we find an opportunity, we can rest assured that our customers are being dealt with in a timely and professional manner. When we don’t have to worry about portal setup or post sale support, we can confidently continue to sell OneTalk.  Lastly, masters helps Verizon close the gaps for customer by offering services that Verizon wireless does not. Being able to host efax, additional voicemails, or 1-800 #s has allowed up to support customers in a way we couldn’t without the partnership.

Scott Chandler,
Manager-Solutions Architect

“Masters Telecom is my go-to for all things Verizon One Talk.”

I like the product line they offer because it helps ease customers during the transition over to Verizon Business Services. I work exclusively with Matt Kucera and Nathan Labossiere simply because they bend over backward for my customers.

Blake Maher,
Manager-Solutions Architect
Verizon Business Group

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“The communications, knowledge and experience with the MastersTelecom team has been outstanding!”

I was skeptical on transitioning to Verizon One Talk, because of previous vendor migrations I have been involved in.  I was introduced to Josh from MastersTelecom, he walked me through the entire process flawlessly.  As a business owner, any type of change in technology to the team can sometimes be challenging if it is not executed properly.  It was seamless to our clients and my team. At any opportunity I will recommend MastersTelecom to others, because of their great service and support.

Elevated Construction

“Four months into this change, Masters Telecom is just as responsive and invaluable as they were on day one.”

B&B Homecare transitioned from traditional POTS lines with Windstream to VOIP lines at Verizon via One-talk.  Will from Masters Telecom was invaluable in this process.  At each step he was responsive and available.  The transition would have been a nightmare without Will’s and Masters Telecom’s services.  I received timely applicable training on the portal.  Every question was answered promptly and responsibly.  We are a medical business where any downtime impacts our patients and with Will’s assistance the transition was unnoticeable by our clients.  I would not have been able to make the transition without his assistance. 

Denise Colbert,
Software Coordinator/Billing
B&B Homecare of Broadward and Palm Beach

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“They are very easy to get in contact with and very fast with responding to any issues that may arise.”

I am very happy with their service provided , and would continue to keep them as my go-to technicians. They explain things very clearly for you to understand, and help to make the right decisions needed. I can definitely vouch for this team. High reviews across the board.

Evan Barclay,
Title Administration and IT Support
LMP Motors

“I would recommend them to anyone! Five stars!”

In many years of being an office manager, I have never had the greatest service from a company ever. They outline the steps that will how to use the product. Excellent customer service, very personable too!

Melissa Collier,
Office Manager
Ryhno Glass

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“Masters Telecom always delivers first-class service.”

They do a great job with pre-sale, deployment, and post-sale. The on going support is a huge value add as other partners do not offer that. I highly recommend working with them.

Vinnie DiGirolamo,

“To me, Masters is just an extension of our Verizon family, and I appreciate everything they do for our team!”

I wanted to express the many reasons why I engage Masters Telecom for nearly 100% of my One Talk sales/ support and deployments.  As a Verizon MSA we have several partners we can engage for One Talk sales and support, but I learned very quickly through trial and error that none of the other partners come close to matching Masters Telecom on so many different levels!

  • My #1 reason is Communication! Masters keeps our customers, myself, and my team in the loop 100% of the time!
  • Customer Follow-Up! All of the moving parts and checkboxes with One Talk and still Masters never drops the ball (knocking on wood)!
  • Work ethic and thoroughness – Josh and the rest of the team at Masters go out of their way to take work off my plate… The more obstacles they remove for my team and I the more deals we can go find and bring to the table!
  • Knowledge – Who doesn’t want to hang out with the smart guy in the room? The Masters team has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Telco and VOIP (and networking support if needed).  This is key for a lot of our larger more complex multi-office setups!
  • The relationship and partnership we built! Over the years I’ve gotten to know Josh, Dustin, and Doug very well.  They know how I like to operate and cater to those needs!

Sometimes I think it’s not good to have all my eggs in one basket (Masters)… So once in a blue moon, I might branch out and try a different partner and IMMEDIATELY see the differences that Masters brings to the table!

Erick Comelli,
Manager-Solutions Architect
Verizon Business Group

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“When we first spoke, you stated your commitment to address our issues and correct them without delay.”

You were able to correct several major programming problems the installing company was unable to fix six months after the installation and doing so in the middle of a pandemic while you and Jesse were working from home. Admittedly I was a bit skeptical due to our prior experience. However, you kept your word and our system was finally working properly within 24 hours. I cannot express my appreciation enough, except to say if you ever need a business reference please feel free to use me and my company.

Kevin Colling,

“It made our transition easier knowing we had someone who truly cared about our business and the service we received.”

I am writing today to express my complete satisfaction with my recent dealings with one of your employees’, Jesse Koonce. We acquired the One Talk system with Verizon and Jesse was our contact from day one of the transition. His communication skills and knowledge of the systems are impressive. He is a true asset to your company and represents you with the kind of professionalism any business owner or supervisor would want in an employee. Thank you for the outstanding service.

Shiri Rickman,
The Furnace room, Inc

the furnace room inc